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  Here are 11 Happy Animal News Stories That Will Make You Smile

  Happy Dog News: Sweet Labs Pulling Their Senior Dog Sibling in a Cart

  Here are 11 Happy Animal News Stories That Will Make You Smile

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Animal shelters across the U.S. are emptying amid coronavirus pandemic

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Non-Profit Trains Shelter Dogs For Wounded, Struggling Veterans

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Ariana Huffington

"(Furry) Friends with (Different) Benefits owners have higher self esteem, fewer feelings of loneliness, and are more physically fit and socially outgoing than people without pets."

"Animals help us be better humans. Quite often, they show us how to be our best selves. Always in the moment, sticking their noses into everything (literally), they see a world that we take for granted, one we're usually just hurriedly passing through on our way to lives we never quite reach."

"Pets are the unrivaled masters of giving back. The pleasure they take in giving themselves to us is perhaps their greatest lesson. Like our animals, we are wired to connect, to reach out, to love. But unlike them, with us other things get in the way - jealousy, insecurity, irritation, anger. Pets help us constantly come back to what makes us human. They're a furry version of our best selves."

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These 4 Charts Explain Exactly How Americans Spend $52 Billion on Our Pets in a Year   These 4 Charts Explain Exactly How Americans Spend $52 Billion on Our Pets in a Year*
The Atlantic

At Some Weddings, Man's Best Friend Is Man's Best Man   We’re Heading to London! (But How to Take the Dog?)
The New York Times

At Some Weddings, Man's Best Friend Is Man's Best Man   At Some Weddings, Man's Best Friend Is Man's Best Man
The Wall Street Journal, Life & Culture

War vets turn to pets to heal  

War vets turn to pets to heal
Times Union

Plan a paw-sitively pet-friendly wedding  

Plan a paw-sitively pet-friendly wedding

Mind & Matter: Our Unique Obsession With Rover and Fluffy  

Mind & Matter: Our Unique Obsession With Rover and Fluffy
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My Pet World - Today, the family dog really is family  

My Pet World - Today, the family dog really is family
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Rover is so over: Human names replace traditional pet names  

Rover is so over: Human names replace traditional pet names
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Kids and Pets  

Kids and Pets
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Workplace pets help build teams, draw customers  

Workplace pets help build teams, draw customers
Argus Leader

Unusual Pets Around the World: Not all pet lovers stick to dogs and cats  

Unusual Pets Around the World: Not all pet lovers stick to dogs and cats
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